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Hey, welcome to Voskhod Art. I'm your resident artist-of-a-thousand-names, and I'm an aerospace engineering student who likes to create visual works as a hobby. Thanks for stopping by!


MARCH UPDATE || Return of the Monthly Update

March 3, 2024

Hiiiiii. It's meee. The guy who hasn't done monthly updates in several months because I don't feel like anything happening in my life has been interesting enough to warrant one. 


I hate to say it, but I've been becoming a read media consumer lately. What media, you may ask? Saw (2004) and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Back in January, I entered an intense bidding war and spent a hefty sum of money ($25) on a VHS copy of Saw. These tapes are pretty hard to come by, as VHS tapes stopped being produced in 2006-- just two years after the film's release. I'm very happy to be able to have this one in my collection. I also got a sealed copy of the uncut DVD, which has since been unsealed for my sadistic pleasure!


Also been becoming a real big Star Trek nerd as of late. I've always enjoyed it, and I have a few of the movies on tape, but I am finally letting myself appreciate TNG to an extent that I have never before experienced. It's good. Data is one of my favorite characters of all time and I could go on and on about how well-written he is, but this is also a show where the entire ship gets Space Drunk Disease in the second episode. Just go watch it.

 I've been really in love with this frame, though. They just don't put this kind of thing on your television screen anymore.


...a jumping spider. I was going to include this in the last section, but I'm just really excited for it. I'm currently constructing a little Saw bathroom themed enclosure, and I'll be officially placing my spider order when the weather warms up a bit. I'm currently torn between zebra, bold, and regal-- Zebra jumpers are very common in my area and I'm very familiar with them, bolds are friendly little guys, and regals are just beautiful. But regardless, I will love my future darling. And I will be hosting a Tumblr poll to decide what Saw character to name it after. Follow my Tumblr if you care about that kind of thing.


It's right here.

I mostly kinda hate it, and it has done absolutely nothing for me, but I will continue to post some images over there on occasion. I also set up a Cohost, but I actually hate that one even more somehow! Jesus Christ! Social media is so scary. But I'm always posting my full name, home address, social security number, and daily schedule over on Tumblr, if you actually want to see me being alive.


Commissions are currently open! Yippee! Slots are very limited because I'm busy with airplanes and airplane glue, but I've got two open right now. You get cool art. I get cool ideas and gas money. We both win.

I've also added a few more designs to my Redbubble, if you want some cool tangible versions of my art! Check out these super real copies of my merch. You can get ten really nice stickers for like $15, and they occasionally toss a few pennies my way.


In case you aren't one of the incredibly sexy individuals who is already following along with my comic, hey. I make a comic. It's not horrible. Next chapter is going to be very fun, so it's a great time to start reading. Check it out on Neocities, Webtoon, or Tapas. (I just passed the support threshold over on Tapas, so you can now support me with Ink! It's a great way to give back to creators over there.)


That's all for now. Be nice to people. Don't be afraid to harass your government representatives as necessary. Goodnight.

OCTOBER UPDATE || Scared + Wet + Wild

October 1, 2023

Are you scared? You should be. This is one of the scariest months yet. We get a Friday the 13th AND Halloween. That's so fucked up. My wallet is going to be bled dry from buying milk and cookies to leave out for Jason. I'm so scared.


The past month has been an absolute pain for reasons that are just a little too personal to get into in detail, but just impersonal enough for me to say this: I hope Hell is real and all bad housemates go directly there when they die. If you have ever intentionally played loud music in front of someone who is studying, put the thermostat above 78F in the middle of summer, or set up a camera to record someone without their consent, I think you deserve to burn for one million years.

Besides that misery, there have been delights. For one: THE EPIC HIGHS AND LOWS OF FINALLY GIVING IN AND TEACHING MYSELF HOW TO COOK

If you're unaware, I fucking suck at making food. I've been sustaining on microwaved soups and hope for several years now. But I decided it was time for a change. I wanted to learn how to make pastas. And by god, I am making pastas.

My bacon (extra crispy), my dinner rectangle, and a carbonara that I was sooo proud of. It was really good. I've genuinely gotten a lot of unexpected confidence through this experience, and I've been really surprised by how easy some of this has been. I never had the chance to have someone teach me how to do this stuff when I was growing up, but I've had a really awesome time learning how to do it on my own. And nobody can tell me not to make my bacon as crispy as I want.

But enough about that. You know what I can't eat? Tapes. But it still fills my soul to look at them.

Here are a handful of informational tapes that I picked up this month. These are some of my favorites to find, especially when they're about topics that I genuinely care about. I can't wait to finally learn how airplanes fly after several years in aviation and aerospace engineering!

Some real movies too. Good ones, debatably! TKAM is one of my favorite movies of all time, which observant readers may have been able to pick up on because my first fucking name is Atticus and I had to pick that one out on my own.

This one isn't even a tape. It's a DVD. Which I'm usually not as interested in because discs aren't half as cool as big rectangles full of movies, but I decided to make an exception for this one.

And finally, some other kinds of tapes and discs. Dean Koontz is one of my favorite authors of all time, so I was absolutely stoked to find these sets. The Taking and False Memory are both on cassette, and The Darkest Evening of the Year is on CD. I've been loading False Memory into my walkman between my classes, and it's really good so far.

Back into the digital world, I decided to start playing Wolvden recently. It's definitely one of the games I have played! I'm Voskhod over there and I have no idea what I'm doing, but I do have this cool goth puppy that I like a whole lot.

Finally, here are my doggies having an awesome time.


It's time for me to exponentially increase my workload for the sole purpose of making sure I don't forget how to draw! AWWAT23 is upon us, and this year I'm working on an every-other-day schedule. Ideally, this will make me want to die a little less than usual.

If you haven't experienced AWWAT before, it's a grand time: I use randomly generated words (above) combines with randomly selected characters (from a list of characters owned by myself and my friends) to make images that may tentatively be considered artwork. These images get posted over on my Tumblr, so head over there if you want to see em.


New episode of Reason's Lament is out. I drew almost the entire thing in one day this time, so it is a bit shorter than usual, but I had a lot of fun with the scenery and background work on it. Check it out and you'll gain a passive +5 to your charisma.

The episode linked below features somewhat excessive blood and child death. Please read at your own risk!

Webtoon || Tapas || Neocities

That's it for the scary month. I hope you get the most scared. If you like what I do, please consider supporting me on Ko-Fi or Throne

Kiss a vampire, watch tapes with a ghost, and make a pasta for a werewolf. Goodnight.


July 17, 2023

Happy 17th! That moon sure is full, which means I can finally make people read the first completed chapter of my cool little webcomic.

Reason's Lament: Prologue is now available on WebtoonTapas, and my Neocities.

This whole chapter is pretty short compared to what I plan to do in the future ones, but I personally like my prologues short and simple. Chapter 1.1 will be out August 1st (though I may delay the Tapas release because of some boring file stuff on my end), so be sure to bookmark, subscribe, or follow the story wherever you feel like following along with it. I also post more casual updates to my Tumblr and Ko-Fi! Mostly my Tumblr. (I also talk about my tapes on Tumblr. Go to Tumblr if you want to gamble with a 10% chance of a chapter update and a 90% chance of me rambling about my new Magnavox CRT TV.) Also take note that the Neocities page will be recieving a lot of coding adjustments over the next few weeks while I try my best to make it look cute. (If at any point you reload the page and it goes straight to hell, you can send your complaint to voskhodart@gmail.com and I will cry for you.)

I genuinely appreciate anybody who is willing to follow along with this story! It's a big undertaking for me, and I think it's going to be a really cool way to continue developing my art style and storytelling skills. And if you click the buttons that make the numbers bigger on any of the websites linked above, I will do my best to ensure that you will be reincarnated as a lotus flower in the next life. I love you. 

(If you hate my story and it sucks so bad, you can take your strongest finger and hold down the "power" button on your electronic device for 3-5 seconds, okay?)

That's all I feel like typing. Have a great night! :]

July Update: War, Bounty, & the Moon

July 2023

July is the special month where I get shipped off to war for being a furry artist. The army walks into my home and points at me and says "sonny boy, you've gotta go draw catboys" and I have no choice but to say "sir yes sir" and march my ass out to the frontlines with all the other low-income 20-somethings with dyed hair. Before I hear that knock on my door at precisely 12:00 PM EST, I need to leave behind this message for you.


In case you missed my last super cool update, I have once again made the decision to force myself to play ArtFight. I'm on team Vampires this year because I'm hot. You can find me over there as Voskhod! I finally have some of my personal favorite OCs up (Snyder, mostly.) with proper refs, and I'm really excited to potentially get some art for them. Even more, though, I'm excited to dish out some mean art for strangers on the internet. (You could be one of those strangers, if you fill out my hitlist.)

I'm also planning on doing a mass attack this year! I've settled on doing a cannibal dinner party, fitting for my fellow vampires and other such weirdos. This is attack is going to feature extreme gore, so please do not fill out the form if you aren't comfortable with that. I will not use your characters in the attack if I think the content would be something outside of your comfort zone. For those of you that are savvy for guts, you are more than welcome to come pick out some of your characters and take a seat at the table. I'll be closing this form on July 5th, and if there are more than 20 submissions I will be breaking it into two mass attacks!

See you on the battlefield.


Putting it second this time to shake things up.

I've been having a time, to be honest with y'all. But I'm not here to talk about the time. I'm here to talk about my awesome garden and how many vegetables I've been producing. I've had to eat squash for at least one meal a day every day for the past week because I've been picking 3-5 every day. Lots of cucumbers too. And my zucchini have finally started coming up too.

My cucumbers have even started wandering into the other plants. Check out this big guy who was freeloading on my squash.

I also have eggplants that are just starting to grow. I'm not the biggest eggplant fan, but I like how the plants look. I will not make a crass joke about their current state.

I've also just been finding a ton of cool old junk lately. Whether it be in thrift stores or in the ditch at my local airport, there is old junk to be discovered everywhere I go. Here are some of my favorites: a glass bottle from the 1850s (according to this page), my beloved Forced Entry Jesus tie, and a Bob Marley lava lamp.

And of course, it wouldn't be a lame life update without my tapes. Got some cool movies, a bright green VeggieTales tape that I've been hunting, and some great cassettes, all phorotgraphed on the dirtiest rug in my home because I'm a moron with three very messy cats.


Commissions are open! Wait times will be a little longer this month because of ArtFight, but commissions are a great way to guaranteed some high-quality art, as well as my unwavering appreciation for you. And they help me buy groceries, dumb thrift store finds, and cat treats. Speaking of cats, I think my boys have something to say--

That's "TOOMANYSQUASH" on any of my Ko-Fi commissions! Use the code at checkout for an instant 10% off. Treat for you, treat for them. It is only fair.


This one is so important to me that I made an actual graphic instead of slapping text on my cats in MS Paint!

I don't think I've mentioned this project publicly yet, but I've had it in the works for a few months now. Reason's Lament is a southern gothic fantasy story about a gunslinger priest and a weapon which has ensnared the soul of an rogue god. Joined by an old rival looking for comradery and a mercenary seeking redemption for her past, he is forced to battle the corruption and chaos threatening to overtake his society.

This is very much just a passion project for me; I'm excited to finally get the first bite of it out there. It has some heavy themes, but I'm being very careful to have thorough content warnings at the beginning of each chapter. In general, this story explores a lot of my own experiences with religious abuse in a unique setting inspired by the American deep south. I'll have more information when the release date rolls around, but right now I'm planning on having the prologue posted in three parts on Webtoons, as well as in its full length on a dedicated page on my Neocities site. I'll also have some sneak peeks and bonus content available for my (very handsome, smart, and talented) subscribers on my Ko-Fi!

And if you're thinking "July 17th is kind of a random date, but whatever" then please allow me to explain. There is a conflict among webcomic artists, regarding scheduling. Some insist that you'll be stoned to death if you don't post three pages a week. Others insist that you won't lose a single follower if you only post every couple of years. I did my research. I studied the solutions. I decided that my schedule will be based on the phases of the moon. Individual long-chapters will be split into 3-5 subchapters, each of which will be made public on every new moon and full moon. I may also play around with releasing subchapters on quarter-moons, but those will not be super common. Blue moons will have some extra fun stuff.

More info coming on the 17th! 


My fellow soldiers, don't forget to give yourself time to relax. Stop sitting like a shrimp when you draw. Roll your wrists out every now and then.

The rest of you, just be nice to yourselves this month. Find some nice music (I've been getting back into Ice Nine Kills. They're really good.). Treat yourself to some comfort foods. Hit up a thrift store and buy whatever cheap shit makes you happy. Or don't do any of this. I'm not your dad.

Goodnight, y'all. <3

June Update: Not Thinking Straight

June 2023

Happy Pride to those who celebrate. I personally don't do anything for pride because I'm not in that kind of area, but I'm happy for those of you who do. Have fun out there. But not until you've read my entire monthly update.


Boy, have I been busy this past month. Besides my kidneys' continued efforts to steal away the life that this universe has so fairly thrust upon my soul, I've been up to various antics and acts as of late. Here's a sample.


You know why there isn't an image of a tape there? Because I can't show you the tapes that I've purchased this month. Because they're only for adults. That's right, baby. Taxpayer exclusives. The raunchy stuff. Red tapes. (Literally.) I've been purchasing Italian transgender adult film on VHS. And the shells are red. They're sick as hell. And I feel like it's really cool to own something from the early aughts that portrays trans bodies in a beautiful light, rather than playing them off as a joke like most adult media.

I also bought Floral Shoppe by Macintosh Plus on cassette. It'll be here next week. I'm stoked.

Of course, I need to balance out my collections of various defunct physical media formats by touching grass. Or blackberries.

An orange and white cat sits in front of a blackberry bush, which is planted in a blue pot.

My garden and planters have been doing really well this year! Some of you might know that I have struggled with food insecurity for a long time, and I have ARFID which makes it difficult for me to eat from food banks and community pantries. Having a garden full of foods that I enjoy is awesome, because it's a ton of free, healthy food that I can feel proud of. I've also been focusing a lot on including pollinator-friendly plants this year! I'm currently growing crookneck squash, straightneck squash, zucchini, cucumbers, bell peppers, okra, tomatoes, basil, peppermint, spearmint, cilantro, green onion, chives, iceberg lettuce, lemons, blackberries, strawberries, rosemary, oregano, and lavender. Been looking into growing potatoes and garlic as well if I can get a good setup for them.

I strongly recommend growing your own garden if you've never done so! Even if you don't have a yard, you can get some planters and make do with whatever you do have. My garden has even welcomed a few surprise visitors lately...

A blurry photograph of a large black and brown snake near several squash plants.

This blurry freak is an eastern rat snake, taken at a distance that is entirely normal and not cowardly for a very BRAVE adult man. He was having a good time watching some birds who were trying to pick at my squash plants. He's one of several critters I've had the chance to snap a picture of lately, as I've been really getting into citizen science with apps like iNaturalist. If you love to take pictures of random bugs, mold, animals, plants, and fungi around you, definitely consider dipping your toes in citizen science projects. You will find tons of other bug freaks around you.

Speaking of science...

A deep-sea creature.

The Nautilus is currently out! If you're not familiar with them, the E/V Nautilus is a ship which conducts yearly expeditions focused on marine biology, geology, and archaeology. (You may have seen this video of a past expedition team discussing a particularly goofy looking stubby squid.) The entire expedition is live streamed, and they run into a ton of cool underwater critters and structures. Check it out, and consider donating to help keep their program afloat.


You know what comes after June? July. The month of Art Fight. I fucking hate Art Fight. I'm so excited for it. Look at me.

Contrary to popular belief, I do like to plan for things, and I'm a month ahead for this bad boy. If you'll be fighting your art this year, head over to my hitlist form. Remember: The more bullshit you type, the more I'll remember your submission enough to go back to it. Information dumping is encouraged here.

I'll be on hiatus towards the end of July because I'll be out of my state for some boring airplane stuff, but I do want to try to get my art muscles back into their ol' groove again. Hopefully the feeling of intense obligation to give people free art will help me with that.


A blurry photo of a drawing tablet. The tablet has a scratched surface and is duct taped on one side.

Tablet shaming because it has been a completely dry month on my Ko-Fi, so this thing isn't going anywhere any time soon.


I don't have a cool price graphic this time, but you know how you can help me afford to not have a tablet that looks like I dug it up out of an ancient Sumerian archaeological dig? Buy my art. Look how cool it is:

Art this cool could be yours for the price of whatever you want to pay me. Wait times are kind of long right now (15-20 days for new orders) because I am not a fortunate man these days, but that just gives you extra time to sit around thinking about what a nice picture you are going to receive and how sexy you are for supporting an independent artist in this wacky day and age. Everyone is happy.


I've got a handful of personal projects that I've been working on for the past few weeks, and a few are nearing completion. I plan on staggering the actual releases of these so I can have a dependable backlog of fun stuff instead of leaving all my socials on dead air for weeks at a time, but here are a few bits of things I've got in the works.

Three images. The first is a stylized drawing of eyes. The second is of the corner of an article of clothing made of black velvet, with red satin strips. The last is of a 3D model of a fursuit base in progress, overlayed with a drawing of the finished base shape.


That's it for this month. Might have a bonus update later on, but I'm just letting life happen at whatever pace it chooses. 

Tell the paramedics everything, plant some blackberries, and watch Technology Connections's video on electric car brake lights. Goodnight.

May Update: I Want to be a PDF File When I Die

May 2023

It's finally May, the month that comes after April. I survived another semester. In an exciting turn of events, it is no longer raining too much for me to fly, but winds have been gusting over 20 kts for the last three days. And the max demonstrated crosswind for the shitbird I rent is 15 kts. (I could demonstrate higher. I have demonstrated higher. But the FAA and the rental guys at the airport aren't as nice to me when I do that.) Anyways, here's whatever I've got going on for May.


I am once again attempting to humanize myself by showing you guys all the cool stuff I do when I'm not sitting in my dank cave working tirelessly to make furry art to pay my rent.

Here's a cool skink I saw.

A reddish-brown skink sitting on a concrete sidewalk.

I don't have much skink knowledge, but the internet suggests he is a broadhead skink. He was chilling on the sidewalk outside one of my classes, across from a little garden that my university maintains. Neat guy.

Here's my toy space shuttle being forced to watch the Challenger disaster.

A television showing a glitchy image of a blue sky with an exploding aircraft. Several VHS tapes sit in front of the TV, which a small toy space shuttle sitting on top of the tapes.

I also have found a bunch of neat tapes recently, including the Apollo 13 documentary shown here. I've also started collecting cassette tapes, which make me really happy because I can get a buttload of music for $1 and I can play it on the go. And they're not being scooped up from thrift stores like vinyls are. (If you buy vinyls from thrift stores and sell them for a profit, I think you should dig a really big hole and then sit there forever.)

It's also planting season. Here's one of my cats being extremely helpful in helping me plant my little garden. I love being able to have my garden running, because I struggle a lot with affording food. Being able to go outside and have free food is awesome. Stick it to the man by planting a little garden.

A fenced-in outdoor space with several rows of soil. The rows have small plants platned in them. In the center, there is a cinder block with a sprikler on top. A creme-colored housecat sits behind the cinder block, looking through a hole in it.

Lastly, here is a video on pre-contact dogs that I've been thinking about a lot lately. It's wild. There's an immortal dog living on through a contagious tumor. That's pretty cool, I think.


As the chief executive officer, chief financial officer, and sole employee of Voskhod Art dot neocities dot org, I have to make some difficult decisions from time to time. Lately, our stocks have been in the gutter. ETAs have been out of whack. We're in the red. My drawing tablet looks like absolute dogshit. Look at this thing.

A photo of a black drawing tablet being help up against a blue wall. The drawing tablet is held together with various colors of duct tape and other tapes.

It's bad. I've been using a paper nib for months and I have to have a French copy of JavaFoil open for this thing to even work with Pain Tool SAI, for some fucking reason. 

Point is, we've been running the numbers and we've decided it's in our best interest to increase the product value. I'm making things like $5 more expensive on the Ko-Fi. If that makes you sad, you can use the code 2023MAY10 to get 10% off any commission between now and June 1st.


Recently finished up Mercury 2.0's bodysuit! This has been a really exciting project to work on, slow-going as it has been. I will never make another fursuit with stripes ever again, though. I have never been so tired of sewing stripes.

Speaking of fursuits...


I've got some cool fursuit-related stuff coming over to the Ko-Fi once I finish up my current commission batch. No guarantees because I don't have these all 100% completed at the time I'm writing this and I may easily be struck down by a meteor at any given moment, but currently in the works are...

  • Feetpaw Pattern (from Mercury 2.0)
  • Slim Handpaw Pattern (from Mercury 1.0)
  • Feral Handpaw Pattern
  • Puffy Handpaw Pattern
  • Various Tail Patterns & Tutorials
  • Fursuit Eye 3D Model Making Tutorial
  • Faux Fur Sewing Guide
  • Paw Pad Applique Tutorial
  • Printable Fursuit Eyes
I'm also working on a very funky sewing pattern project that I don't want to share too much about yet, but I might post some prototype photos over on the Ko-Fi or my Tumblr later this month. If there's anything else y'all would be interested in seeing, I'd love to hear about it. I'll have free junk available over on my website and pay-to-use junk available on Ko-Fi.


I have Tumblr. Don't forget that I have Tumblr. I post things there like every day to prove I'm alive. Hell, I post my teeth over there. People have been really getting into this post about my teeth. You should follow my Tumblr, if you like to see my teeth.

Black-and-white digital art of four moths, showing jagged semi-detailed teeth.


A graphic that reads

Thank you to ny'all who entered my art raffle. Especially those of you who don't sit on FurAffinity for 20 hours every day entering every art raffle you see. Those people kind of scared me a little bit. Winners are up over here.


Got a lot going on this month, but I'm happy to be free of classes for a few months. Still, I'm stuck in South Carolina, and as I discussed last month, trans rights aren't doing so hot here. Keep the South on your radar in the next few months, because we're fighting some rough battles to keep trans people alive down here.

That's all for now. Be nice to yourself, synthesize hormones in your kitchen, and stop buying all the fucking records at my local thrift stores. Goodnight.

April Update: Trans Rights & Free Art Both Rule (Also I'm sorry I keep forgetting to post my updates here and I promise I'm not dead.)

April 6, 2023

Welcome to the fourth month. April is one of the lamer months. I can't even think of a witty little joke to make about it. It's been raining too much for me to fly for fun these past few weekends, so I've been sitting around analyzing airfoils and playing Skyrim in a desperate attempt to feel something. 

Anyways, here's what I've got going on to try to spice up these dark days.


Contrary to common belief, I am in fact an actual person with an actual life outside of weird art and furry stuff on the internet. To prove it, I am going to spend this section of the update showing you my VHS tapes.

I am pointing at my tapes right now with so much enthusiasm and fervor. You want to look at my tapes. I am showing you my tapes. We are so cool and having a good time together. This rules.

Independence Day and Armageddon are actually two of my favorite movies, so I'm really happy to have them on tape now. (The day I find a Labyrinth tape is the day I can finally die peacefully knowing I have succeeded in life, of course.) Aside from my precious David Bowie goblin puppet movie, my hit list currently includes Hellraiser, Con Air, Carrie, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Clockwork Orange, and Saw. I have also heard rumors that there are tapes of the Leprechaun series. I will not believe these claims unless I find one in the wild.

I've also made some progress on Mercury 2.0 lately. He's taking a while because I swore to only work on this suit in my free time, which is... not something I have a lot of these days. But I've almost got the bodysuit fully finished now! These stripes have been killing me, but I'm super happy with the leg shape. They just need a lot of trimming and a good brush-down now.

Lastly, this is a cool moth I saw.

Don't forget, I have a Tumblr where I post dumb stuff about my tapes and art more frequently, if you're into that kind of thing.


A reminder that my commissions are open! I have new slots open every week, and I’m in need of some funds at the moment. I plan on raising my prices at the end of this month, so grab the cheaper prices while you can. (Unless you would like to give me more money. Giving me more money is sooooo sexy.) 


Don’t want to pay me for art? That’s fine too. If you’re some kind of loser who happens to be active over on FA, you can check out my raffle to get some free stuff. It ends May 1, 2023, so enter soon!


While you’re here, I want to talk about something important. I’m a South Carolina resident, and we’re currently facing several bills that could severely impact the lives of trans people in my state. SC United has a document here that explains some of these proposed laws. These bills have the potential to ruin the lives of trans people throughout my state. They range from banning gender-affirming healthcare for anyone under the age of 26 to getting rid of the ability to change gender markings on ANY official documents. These laws serve the sole purpose of alienating and breaking down trans people in the South. If you'd like to help us fight against these bills, I encourage you to spread the word. The more we can get people talking about these bills, the greater chance we have to battle against them. There are also some amazing organizations out there, such as the Campaign for Southern Equality or SC United, which you can follow and offer your support to. 

That's it for this month. I'm going to bed now. G'night.

December Update: I Die

December 10, 2022

Happy December, folks. This update is later than usual because I've been in and out of the hospital for the past week with acute renal failure because I have E. coli in my kidney for some reason. Feels bad! But I'm full of various drugs now, so here's what I have going on this month.


Hey, remember how much I hated Atticus's Wet and Wild Art-Tober this year? Let's do it again but for twelve days instead of a whole month. Also the prompts are more vague.

That's right! In my continued efforts to make myself loathe art, I've decided to do a twelve-day Art Hell later this month, running from December 13-December 25. That's a dozen crazy days in which I spin a wheel with my characters on it, look at this prompt list, and have to draw something. All art from this event will be posted over on my Tumblr and over here on Neocities. You're more than welcome to join in if this sounds fun to you.


Over the next few weeks, I'm going to be updating the site with a ton of freebies that I've been meaning to finish and post. These include:

  • Character Reference Bases
  • 3D Models for Printable Fursuit Parts
  • Website Graphics
  • Forum Avatars
  • Toyhou.se Profile Coding
  • Background Art

If you would be interested in any of these, let me know so I can prioritize getting them out there!


Over the next few weeks, I'm going to be updating the site with a ton of freebies that I've been meaning to finish and post. These include:

  • I changed my ArtFight username! Soyuz 🠆 Voskhod
  • I updated the RedBubble shop with some fun new art recently. They're having a ton of pre-holiday sales, so check it out if you want to support me and get some cool stuff!
  • The suggestion box is still always available! I've really enjoyed working with the suggestions you guys have left so far.
  • As always, if you like what I do, my Throne is the perfect place to show your support. I have a lot of winter stuff on there right now because my home doesn't have a heating system and it gets really chilly here, but there are also just some treats for myself and my pets too!

Have a nice holiday season, and take care of your kidneys.

November Update: I Lived

November 1, 2022

Good evening, friends. I hope everyone's weens were pleasantly hallowed yesterday. I didn't do much myself, but I did get to mark the last day of AWWAT.

All my AWWAT stuff will be posted here soon. Some stuff will either be delayed or not shown here at all because I'm still working out how I want to handle my works that feature gore or adult themes, but you can find that stuff ofer on my Tumblr or Furaffinity for now.

Oh, yeah! I have a Furaffinity again. I don't interact with the community over there because there's a lot of stuff I do not want to see, but if you really like my furry stuff, it's over there. Lots of adult content in particular. If you're not an adult, try this one instead please.

In other news, I also have a public suggestion form now. All the guidelines are right there in the form itself, but you can basically suggest anything as long as you're not being a real freak. You can even drop off your character links if you want! I love drawing the weird guys from your brain.

I think that's all I needed to say today. Have a cool November.

October Update: I have to draw every day or I die.

October 2, 2022

Happy October, everyone. I hope this update doesn't scare you.

I've officially survived Hurricane Ian because I am a strong boy and very powerful. However, this means I must live to face my next challenge: AWWAT22.

More Readable Prompt List: 1. Mine | 2. Disgrace | 3. Wreck | 4. Burst | 5. Air | 6. Bedroom | 7. Aisle | 8. Space | 9. Court | 10. Addicted | 11. Eternal | 12. Sleep | 13. Sharp | 14. Mouth | 15. Lover | 16. Glove | 17. Feel | 18. Rotten | 19. Gun | 20. Frigid | 21. Beat | 22. Worry | 23. Past | 24. Cautious | 25. Fill | 26. Hands | 27. Company | 28. Clothe | 29. Price | 30. Cry | 31. It's Halloween!

For those unfamiliar with this thing I force myself to do every October, it’s my alternative to Inktober (because those guys kind of suck). I choose the prompts by randomly generating three words and picking the one I like most, and I choose my subjects by spinning a wheel containing the names of OCs, as well as those owned by my best friends and girlfriend. It’s a random new punishment every day!

This year, I’ll be posting everything to my Tumblr on the day I finish it, then updating this place every 3-7 days with multiple images.

If you happen to like the prompt list, you’re more than welcome to join in! And if you’re doing any kind of October art hell, let me know so I can look at all your pretty pictures.

Fall into hedonism this year. If you want to help me live a life full of eating grapes and gazing longingly off of my balcony, I’ve updated my Throne with plenty of items that will assist me in this endeavor. If you buy me the silk robe, you will not get a picture of me basking on my chaise lounge in it, but you will receive a cool photo of my cats or dogs.

That's all for this month. Have a sexy October.

Woah That's Sparkly

September 21, 2022

Added some neat new glimmer graphics to my freebie page. They're all made from pictures I've taken at random, like this cool butterfly that was in my mudroom recently. It looked like this before I improved it.

If you enjoy my trash, remember that you can donate to my Throne at any time, or buy from my Redbubble if you want to put my trash on your body. Or maybe... your wall.

That's the small poster from my shop. And those are my real feet. Woah!

That's all for now. I hope everyone is having a nice one out there.

Talk To Me

September 16, 2022

If I may direct your attention over to the sidebar (or that thing above you, if you're on mobile), you may notice some weird little box with words in it. And guess what? You can put your words in it.

Yes, with the unfortunate demise of my guestbook, I have finally slapped a chatbox on this website. Use it however you want to; just don't be a freak.

This update box is also bigger now. That's prone to changing, because this feels loud.

Free Stuff

September 14, 2022

Hey, you. Do you like free stuff? I like free stuff. I also like to make free stuff. Check out the free stuff I made for you here. I'll be updating it with more stuff every week. Go wild with it.

September Update

September 2, 2022

Happy September, everyone. I've decided I'm at least going to do beggining-of-the-month updates for this site because it gets me on a better schedule. Here's what's happening this month:

We're stepping into the social age. I finally have a Tumblr that you can follow if you want. I'll be posting similar updates there, as well as solo posts of my artwork. I'll also be reblogging artwork from others, so maybe you can see some of your own stuff on my page. This is the only social media I will ever have. Appreciate it.

I'm also working on some new pages for this site. I'm not going to say what they are, because I scrap ideas just as rapidly as I conjure them and I don't want to commit to anything by announcing its conception. We'll get there when we get there.

I think that's it for today. Take care of yourselves, alright? And eat enough. It makes you feel better. Maybe go book a flight with your local airport. That also makes you feel better. Avgas is so expensive right now. Please help us feed the airplanes.

The Chicken Smoothie Post I Didn't Want to Publish

August 16, 2022

Before I say anything, let me say this: I love Chicken Smoothie. It’s a fun game. I’ve been playing on that site for years. There are some amazing people playing alongside me, and it’s really an incredible type of space compared to the rest of the internet.

However, it is not without flaws. And these flaws make me feel that I cannot continue being fully active in Chicken Smoothie in good consciousness.

I know the opinions that will be shared in this post may be considered controversial, and I may risk warnings or bans from the website, as it appears that any criticism of their rules and staff are not taken well. I can only hope that my concerns are met with civil discussion and potential change, rather than being ignored completely or seen as a personal attack. I am not mod-bashing. Hell, I’m not even going to name the mods I’ve interacted with. I just want to let others know why I’ve made my decision, and why they may consider doing the same. I'm not angry with anyone, just disappointed.

(Also, the usual disclaimer: I’m Russian and not all there in the head. If my sentences sound mean, I assure you that’s just because I’m not very good at English text tone. I will try to use exclamation points liberally to make things seem friendlier, but I never mean to be rude or unfriendly.)

So, let’s get to it.

I received a board warning recently, which isn’t a big deal in itself. In fact, it isn’t my first warning. My first was… this:

…Yeah. My cruel bullying and harassment. I’ve changed, I assure you. Never again would I ever use the Chicken Smoothie trade system to bid a horse and a clown ghost on an auction for the equivalent of ~$0.06. I promise.

But anyways, this one was different. Because this one prevented me from being able to share the link to my own website. This one. You know, this unsafe and rowdy land.

I figured this was a reasonable request at first. I had read that rule when I decided to share the links to my shop and donation method, and I figured they would be perfectly fine since no personal information would ever be shared between me and other users. Redbubble only gives me access to the exact amount of money someone has spent, as well as the nation (or state, if within the US) that the package will be sent to. These are necessary for tax purposes, and they don’t violate Chicken Smoothie’s rules, as nations and states are perfectly fine information to share. Throne Gifts gives me even less— just the amount you’ve donated to them in order to get me a gift.

And I get absolutely nothing from visitors to this website. That little view counter at the bottom of the page is the most information that you’re sharing with me, and it isn’t even really accurate.

In Chicken Smoothie’s written rules, there was nothing I could see that made these things violate that, but I complied and took the links down. I’m not one to argue with mods because I know some of them don't have the best trigger discipline with the ban button, and I would like to be able to keep playing my silly little virtual animal game.

I planned to replace the buttons for these links in my signature with links to other websites, but now I wasn’t really sure if my interpretation of the rules was even correct. So, I sent a follow-up question:

Alright, that seems to make some sense. “All websites where goods can be purchased.” seems reasonable, I guess. Hey, wait, what’s that-

Oh. Yeah, let’s not get into that. Whatever.

This response made me question myself even more. I knew Flight Rising sold merch and gems, and Toyhouse sold a premium membership, so now I wasn’t sure if I could add those to my signature. Everyone else seemed fine with them, but if what was stated in this message was really the rule, they shouldn’t be allowed. So, I sent another message.

(I didn’t think this ask was unreasonable or rude, and I still apologize to the mod I interacted with if it came off as such. I did not mean to offend you at all. If there was a better way I could have worded this without making it offensive, please let me know.)

Huh? “All website where goods can be purchased.” was a lie this whole time?

The last few lines of this were a bit snippy, so I didn’t press, but I did review the rules. And it never discusses sites with a “sole purpose of selling goods”. And what about Throne and my personal website? These are an anonymous creator support platform and a digital portfolio. Yes, this website has a link to my shop. But Flight Rising has a link to Hivemill. My website by no means has the sole purpose to sell goods. If it did, the only art on here would be the art in my shop. Hell, I wouldn’t even have the fursuit, resources, or Art Fight sections.

But let’s continue. This is the part where I apologize to this mod because he was obviously getting a little upset with my messages, which is fine, I guess. I do personally believe that you should have patience with whoever you’re dealing with, especially when they aren't trying to be mean to you, but I’ll assume he was having a bad day or something. It happens.

At this point, I also made a post under one of my art threads saying that the mods had removed my links, but you could still message me on Discord if you wanted the links. This was apparently also a crime.

Mmm. This reminds me of something. Ah-

Whatever, I guess that rule doesn’t apply to this situation for whatever reason. I wasn't going to push it at the risk of recieving further punishment.

And I know it’s been talked about to death, but “CS is a children’s website” is really an iffy statement after these many years. CS’s average user age has grown with the site. Even if we supposed the average site age was very young, I really don’t see how this is protecting them. Is a child more damaged by a link to a reliable online marketplace or portfolio site that, y’know, the outright scams and mature content other users have posted about for years? Is me linking to a website where you can buy my art really so much different from the several-hundred-dollar adoptables being made and sold on CS, where actual personal information is being exchanged between users? I fully support those artists and I believe it's a very good thing that they're able to profit from their work, but whatever rule allows them to do that should allow me to at least give people links to my website through an external chat website.

I guess I say all of this to say this:

Chicken Smoothie is too much of a mess for me to continue using. The rules are not consistent, and moderators are led to use their own personal interpretation of those rules to police the site. It isn’t fair to the players, and it isn’t protecting anyone. Chicken Smoothie doesn’t know what it is, it seems. Is it a casual website that lets people do what they want? Is it a strict and secure children’s game? What are the real rules? Are those rules perfect? Should they never be added to, removed, or changed? Can a minor use a PayPal with their full name visible to pay for a $300 character, but not buy an art print through a third-party company? Should your staff not be kind, if they may be interacting with children regularly?

It has been known for a long time now that the staff of Chicken Smoothie is not fully competent, and I really don’t mean this to be rude. I find that it is in my best interest now to avoid CS, as it has become too restrictive and confusing for me now. There are many other issues with the site that I may not have experienced firsthand, and I encourage others to share their experiences. I really hope that speaking openly about this will bring change, though I honestly wouldn’t doubt that I may receive a message asking for this to be taken down. I love Chicken Smoothie, but I’m tired.

If you’re also looking to move away from CS and are looking for a different casual pet site to focus on, I recommend 4dopt! I’m Voskhod (1820) over there. It’s a really awesome game where you can create your own species and items, or just collect the ones created by other users. The Discord is really great and the staff have been amazing every time I’ve interacted with them.


Chicken Smoothie moderation is really inconsistent and can’t seem to decide what it wants to be. When asked simple questions, they become aggressive and are of little help. They put their personal emotions and interpretations of rules above whatever the real purpose of the rules may be, and they do nothing to actually protect the groups they claim to be protecting.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading my little rant here, and I hope everyone has a very lovely day. I hope my future updates will only be good news!

EDIT: I forgot to account for the fact that this is the internet and some people have the reading comprehension of an ape, so I've updated the TL;DR to hopefully make things a bit clearer. Allow me to emphasize that I really don't care if I can share my links there or not. I have other places to share them. That's literally not an issue for me. I do care about having consistent rules, helpful staff, and the ability to ask for clarification without getting confusing, unkind responses.

Capitalism Moment

August 5, 2022

Howdy once more, everyone. My last post was about sending me presents, but today's post is about sending you presents. That you buy. With your own money. Because I get a small cut out of it.

That's right! I've launched a RedBubble shop. I'll assume that most people who have found themselves on my site are familiar with RedBubble to some extent, but if you aren't, here's how it works: I upload my art to my RB shop and choose how it appears on various products. You look at my shop, find a design you like, choose what product you want it on, and buy it. RB handles your order (I never see any of your personal info- only what you bought and what country/state it's being shipped to!) and makes your stuff. Once you receive it, your payment is split between the manufacturers and me. It's a really great way to support me monetarily while also putting some of my art in your home.

That's all for now. I'll be heading back to university soon, so updates will either slow down or speed up. Who knows. Not me. I'll talk to you all later!

Can you hear me now?

July 21, 2022

I've got some good news and some bad news today.

The bad news is that the GuestBook is officially gone. Broken. Beyond my control. Never to be seen again. I apprecaite all the kind comments that were left in it, but it is simply gone now.

The good news is that this means I'm making myself move into the 21st century to amp up my engagement. I'm moving at light speed to bring images to your eyes. In fact, I want to put so many images in your vision that you could swear they're moving. That's right. We've got motion pictures. I'm not just xXCool_Guy_69Xx the Twitch commenter anymore. No, no. I'm xXCool_Guy_69Xx the Twitch streamer. This is the dawn of a new age.

If you support my endeavours as a mediocre artist with a whopping one Twitch follower, you can actually help me survive in a slightly better state by funding little presents for me over on Throne Gifts. In exchange, you'll get a virtual hug and a big thank-you message. I would drive to your house and bow to your feet, but I value privacy and I can't afford enough gas to drive more than 50 miles.

On the front end of things, I've also updated my resources tab to include a fursuit section! This includes some of my favorite suppliers of fursuit parts, as well as some awesome tutorials. I hope it can help out some beginner makers, because I know how overwhelming everything can be when you're starting out.

As always, thank you for supporting me and my artwork. It means a lot to me.

Happy Summer!

July 17, 2022

Sorry for the post delay lately! I've been hard at work on some new stuff, and the site will be under some heavy construction soon. Let's talk about it!

Let's start off with some of the fun stuff! I now have five species available on 4dopt, which is a free pet game website where you can collect and customize animals created by various artists. I plan on having more available soon, but you can already find these guys when exploring, hatching eggs, or creating brand new pets:

Onto the second note of the day: A new subgallery! I've added a new section to display ArtFight works specifically. These works include characters that are owned by others, so check out their links if you want to learn more about them.

Finally, let's get to some planned stuff.

I'm happy to announce that I'm currently on the waitlist for Throne Gifts, which is a website where you can help support me monetarily by donating towards gifts for me. I'm really excited for this, because people have been asking how to support me for a long time, and this is the first website that I've found that actually works for me. I've considered using others like Patreon and Ko-Fi, but I greatly value my privacy. In other words, Throne Gifts is the only website I've found that doesn't give strangers on the internet my full name and address.

I also plan on making my 18+ art more accessible to those who can legally view it soon. This may take some time, as I want to thoroughly ensure that this artwork is not accessible to minors or those who do not consnt to viewing it. For now, though, remember that you can type voskhodart into the search section of certain adult-oriented furry websites to find my adults-only artwork.

That's all for today! I hope everyone is having a great summer out there.

Title Title Title

May 5, 2022

New banner. More to come soon. I hope I can do more now that I'm out of classes for the summer.

If you're a fan of indpendent little pet games on the internet, consider checking out 4dopt.com! My user ID is Voskhod (#1820) and I'm working on a lot of cool little dudes right now. You can own them in various colors and patterns. What more could you want?


March 23, 2022

I've been thinking about giving this site a total facelift. I'm tired of the sleek thing it has going on right now. I want it to fit in with the rest of my funky VHS stuff. I would like to keep the same layout for the sake of accessibility, but I might start some construction on this place this weekend.

Newest Project

March 13, 2022

I recently started another fursuit project. This time, I'm using a base made with my own hands. (Well, not my hands. My 3D printer's hands. But I own the printer so I own the hands of it too.) If this project goes the way I like, I might be more willing to open up fursuit commissions in the near future. Check it out in my gallery if you're interested.

Selling Out

February 14, 2022

Thinking about setting up a Redbubble. Is that something people like? Do you want to wear this junk on your body? You should.

The Buzz

February 7, 2022

I've recently joined an up-and-coming art sharing website called Buzzly! It reminds me a lot of old DeviantArt.

I won't be directly linking my account since it does include mature artwork, but you can look me up over there at your discretion. (This artwork will be hidden from users under the age of 18, and you will be banned from Buzzly and blocked on all other platforms if you are discovered to have falsified your birthdate to access it.)

If you also have a Buzzly, let me know! I would love to follow some people who might already be familiar with my own work.

New: Resource Page

January 5, 2022

Are you an artist? Do you want to be an artist? Do you like to generate random pictures from the Internet? Do you just really like 3D software?

Sick! Because I now have a page full of resources that you can check out! These are all things that I personally use when making my artwork, so check it out if you're into my stuff.

Lame Days

January 4, 2022

I've been hard at work updating some of the code here to make things a bit easier on the eyes. I've got a packed semester coming up, but I've been getting into a few new digital mediums, and I'd really love to produce some cool stuff with them. I won't say anything else, but here's a neat edit that I made today. Original piece can be found as an October 2021 Original.

If you're an artist trying to get into funky stuff like this, Photomosh and HitFilm Express are great tools!

New Year

December 31, 2021

Happy New Year! Hope you're all having a safe one out there.

I did a lot of things this year, like download over 100 mods for The Sims 4. The Sims 4 is a $60 with $700 in DLC available, and I have not spent a cent on it in the four years that I've owned it. I wish you that kind of luck in the year to come.

Anyways, here's the cool graphic. The fancy new 2022 page of my Originals gallery will be live later tonight.


December 22, 2021

Howdy! Listen, I know it's kind of a mess here, but it has images, and that's all I'm trying to provide. I love images so much.

Closer and closer...

December 15, 2021

Things are almost done here. Hello, future readers.

Find me on the web!


Enjoy some tunes and watch me draw in real time.


Buy some of my art.


Help support me with gifts. (If you're able to!)


This is the most social media you're getting.


Donate directly to me, purchase digital goods, or commission custom artwork!


Read my comic! It's cool!

Want to help support my site? Add a button to your own!