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Hey, welcome to Voskhod Art. I'm your resident artist-of-a-thousand-names, and I'm an aerospace engineering student who likes to create visual works as a hobby. Thanks for stopping by!


Can you hear me now?

July 21, 2022

I've got some good news and some bad news today.

The bad news is that the GuestBook is officially gone. Broken. Beyond my control. Never to be seen again. I apprecaite all the kind comments that were left in it, but it is simply gone now.

The good news is that this means I'm making myself move into the 21st century to amp up my engagement. I'm moving at light speed to bring images to your eyes. In fact, I want to put so many images in your vision that you could swear they're moving. That's right. We've got motion pictures. I'm not just xXCool_Guy_69Xx the Twitch commenter anymore. No, no. I'm xXCool_Guy_69Xx the Twitch streamer. This is the dawn of a new age.

If you support my endeavours as a mediocre artist with a whopping one Twitch follower, you can actually help me survive in a slightly better state by funding little presents for me over on Throne Gifts. In exchange, you'll get a virtual hug and a big thank-you message. I would drive to your house and bow to your feet, but I value privacy and I can't afford enough gas to drive more than 50 miles.

On the front end of things, I've also updated my resources tab to include a fursuit section! This includes some of my favorite suppliers of fursuit parts, as well as some awesome tutorials. I hope it can help out some beginner makers, because I know how overwhelming everything can be when you're starting out.

As always, thank you for supporting me and my artwork. It means a lot to me.

Happy Summer!

July 17, 2022

Sorry for the post delay lately! I've been hard at work on some new stuff, and the site will be under some heavy construction soon. Let's talk about it!

Let's start off with some of the fun stuff! I now have five species available on 4dopt, which is a free pet game website where you can collect and customize animals created by various artists. I plan on having more available soon, but you can already find these guys when exploring, hatching eggs, or creating brand new pets:

Onto the second note of the day: A new subgallery! I've added a new section to display ArtFight works specifically. These works include characters that are owned by others, so check out their links if you want to learn more about them.

Finally, let's get to some planned stuff.

I'm happy to announce that I'm currently on the waitlist for Throne Gifts, which is a website where you can help support me monetarily by donating towards gifts for me. I'm really excited for this, because people have been asking how to support me for a long time, and this is the first website that I've found that actually works for me. I've considered using others like Patreon and Ko-Fi, but I greatly value my privacy. In other words, Throne Gifts is the only website I've found that doesn't give strangers on the internet my full name and address.

I also plan on making my 18+ art more accessible to those who can legally view it soon. This may take some time, as I want to thoroughly ensure that this artwork is not accessible to minors or those who do not consnt to viewing it. For now, though, remember that you can type voskhodart into the search section of certain adult-oriented furry websites to find my adults-only artwork.

That's all for today! I hope everyone is having a great summer out there.

Title Title Title

May 5, 2022

New banner. More to come soon. I hope I can do more now that I'm out of classes for the summer.

If you're a fan of indpendent little pet games on the internet, consider checking out 4dopt.com! My user ID is Voskhod (#1820) and I'm working on a lot of cool little dudes right now. You can own them in various colors and patterns. What more could you want?


March 23, 2022

I've been thinking about giving this site a total facelift. I'm tired of the sleek thing it has going on right now. I want it to fit in with the rest of my funky VHS stuff. I would like to keep the same layout for the sake of accessibility, but I might start some construction on this place this weekend.

Newest Project

March 13, 2022

I recently started another fursuit project. This time, I'm using a base made with my own hands. (Well, not my hands. My 3D printer's hands. But I own the printer so I own the hands of it too.) If this project goes the way I like, I might be more willing to open up fursuit commissions in the near future. Check it out in my gallery if you're interested.

Selling Out

February 14, 2022

Thinking about setting up a Redbubble. Is that something people like? Do you want to wear this junk on your body? You should.

The Buzz

February 7, 2022

I've recently joined an up-and-coming art sharing website called Buzzly! It reminds me a lot of old DeviantArt.

I won't be directly linking my account since it does include mature artwork, but you can look me up over there at your discretion. (This artwork will be hidden from users under the age of 18, and you will be banned from Buzzly and blocked on all other platforms if you are discovered to have falsified your birthdate to access it.)

If you also have a Buzzly, let me know! I would love to follow some people who might already be familiar with my own work.

New: Resource Page

January 5, 2022

Are you an artist? Do you want to be an artist? Do you like to generate random pictures from the Internet? Do you just really like 3D software?

Sick! Because I now have a page full of resources that you can check out! These are all things that I personally use when making my artwork, so check it out if you're into my stuff.

Lame Days

January 4, 2022

I've been hard at work updating some of the code here to make things a bit easier on the eyes. I've got a packed semester coming up, but I've been getting into a few new digital mediums, and I'd really love to produce some cool stuff with them. I won't say anything else, but here's a neat edit that I made today. Original piece can be found as an October 2021 Original.

If you're an artist trying to get into funky stuff like this, Photomosh and HitFilm Express are great tools!

New Year

December 31, 2021

Happy New Year! Hope you're all having a safe one out there.

I did a lot of things this year, like download over 100 mods for The Sims 4. The Sims 4 is a $60 with $700 in DLC available, and I have not spent a cent on it in the four years that I've owned it. I wish you that kind of luck in the year to come.

Anyways, here's the cool graphic. The fancy new 2022 page of my Originals gallery will be live later tonight.


December 22, 2021

Howdy! Listen, I know it's kind of a mess here, but it has images, and that's all I'm trying to provide. I love images so much.

Closer and closer...

December 15, 2021

Things are almost done here. Hello, future readers.


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