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Welcome to my free resource hoard!

Here, you'll find various links to things that I actively use when creating my art, with a focus on free programs. Have a look around and enjoy.

If you have suggestions, contact me on Discord (Soyuz#0827) to let me know!

For Beginners

New to art? Not sure where to start? Here are some great places to begin learning and simplify your drawing process!

DragoArt - Step-by-step tutorials.

Coolors - Color palette generator.

More Beginner Art Resources

2D Art Programs

ChickenPaint (Oekaki)

A browser-based, GPL-liscensed program that serves as an applet of Oekaki, available functionally through the Chicken Smoothie website, or for personal use here.


A browser-based program that includes most Photoshop features.

Paint Tool SAI

An all-encompassing art program. This is the main program I use. While the link above goes to the official website, which includes a 31 day free trial for the program, I can't stop you from searching "paint tool sai free download tumblr" in your browser and picking the first option.

3D Art Programs


A classic piece of open-source software for 3D and 2D animation, sculpting, and rendering.


The easiest 3D art program out there. This one functions directly in your browser, so it's great for people who are just dipping their toe in the world of 3D modelling.

Image Editors


A classic, easy gif-making tool. EZGif can also be used to edit still images, optimize images, and change file types.


A browser-based program that includes most Photoshop features.


An image editing program with a ton of cool effects and animation options.

Clipping Magic

Tool for removing image backgrounds.

Online Image Editor

A general image editing program.


One of my favorites! Photomosh is an easy-to-use site that allows you to edit images with glitch effects through WebGL. The site itself is free, but an additional paid option is available if you'd like to support the creators!


A creativey-driven image editor with a very easy interface to use.

Free Stock Images


Thousands of very high-quality photos. Great for background, composition, and pose references.


A more general resource for free images, including photos, clipart, and graphics.

Art References


Color palette generator. Coolors is a great tool for finding colors for scenery and characters.

Animal Photo Art References Search

The title kind of says it all for this one. This is a simple tool that lets you search for animal art references by posing a skull in your desired position.


An amazing Terawell program that allows you to manipulate a digital art doll. You can change the body type, pose, and proportions. You can also add boxes and props to get correct perspectives in scenes.

Line of Action

Reference images. The human and animal pose references are some of my favorite, and there are even practice modes that help you learn to set up poses quicker!

Visual Reference Board Generator

Random reference image boards, powered by Unsplash.

Tutorials and Guides

Etherington Brothers

Guides for composition, character design, specific objects, scenery, and more. Home of the "How to Think When You Draw ___" series of tutorials.


Follow-along tutorials for specific images. This was one of my favorites as a kid. You can sort by your skill level, so this is an especially great resource for beginners!

Drawing Den

A Tumblr blog that reblogs various guides from around Tumblr. Everything is tagged by its subject matter, so it's easy to find that you're looking for!

Art Res

A Tumblr blog that reblogs tutorials, speedpaints, finished art, and more. Their pinned post also have some other resources that may be helpful.

Animation Tools


An open-source software for skeletal animations and tweening.


A frame-by-frame software that mimic traditional 2D animation.

Video Editing Software

HitFilm Express

A general video editing software with a good learning curve and a wide variety of features.


A popular video editing software featuring a super simple user interface and a lot of Internet support.

Fursuit Stuff

Dream Vision Creations

Resin Bases, Cast Foam Bases, Claws, Teeth, Silicone Parts, Electronics, etc. | This company is the main reason I got into fursuit making. Their products are always super high quality, and they have a beautiful selection. DVC staff are incredibly friendly, so don't be scared to send them an email about any questions you might have.

Howl Fabrics

Fur | Howl Fabrics focuses exclusively on fur-like fabrics for fursuit makers and cosplayers. Their color selection is incredible, and their fur textures are always of the highest quality. They have remnant boxes available every December for Black Friday if you're looking to get a ton of fur for cheap!


Buckram (& Cute Stickers) | Curlworks is primarily a kigu company, but their Etsy is where they sell their fursuit eye mesh, which is the only mesh I use for my suits. It's easy to paint on and easy to see through. Pick up some cute stickers with your order too!


Tutorials | ALL THE TUTORIALS! Matrices is an absolute god of fursuit tutorials. If you have any questions about where to start with something, go to Matrices before anyone else.


3D Print Files | Maim's base files are super easy to print and they come with eyes, noses, and teeth. They're a great place to start if you're new to printing fursuit parts.

Fursuit Supplies

Fur, Electronics, Tools, etc. | A large variety of supplies for every part of your suit. They also sell basic crafting tools and accessories to enhance your fursuiting experience.

Big Z Fabric

Fur & Other Fabric | I've used Big Z as my fabric supplier for a long time. Their furs are very soft, and I've been satisfied with every fabric I've ordered from them.


Foam Base Patterns & Paw Patterns | An excellent resources, especially for beginners! Kloofsuits created patterns that can be printed and transferred to upholstery foam, with clear instructions on how to put everything together and get your base looking good.